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Thread: Can't get past "common configuration" because LDAP won't verify

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    Default Can't get past "common configuration" because LDAP won't verify


    I've installed zimbra like...a hundred times. This is my first time installing a fresh copy of Zimbra 8.0.7, however.

    I cannot seem to get past the common configuration screen. Normally after punching in the LDAP details you get a notice, something like "getting defaults from LDAP.." and that's my indicator that it was able to connect.

    For some reason this time, I cannot get this part to go.

    I have a mailstore with 2 proxies, and neither of them can get past this part.

    I've disabled iptables, nc is working fine on port 389 and for fun I have turned off selinux with no luck. I've tried by IP, hostname and short hostname with still no luck getting past this part. I have also verified that the LDAP password is correct.

    Has something changed since the previous installs? I am kinda stumped on this one. Hopefully someone can help me out!

    Thank you.

    Yes I have searched the forums.

    I am reinstalling the mailstore to see if that helps, but since "nc -v mailstore 389" is fine, and I am copying the password from the mailstores localconfig.xml I am really not sure if this is it.

    Edit: Im an idiot. It was the password. I missed the Ldap admin password. Hope this helps someone else.
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