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    Default Calendar, Just Calendar

    We have contractors working in our organization that do not receive an organization email account. They do, however, have access to our calendar program and may create new events in it.

    Is there a method to give calendar access - and not email access - when creating a new Zimbra account?


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    Default Not quite.

    You can "turn off" apps like Address Book and Documents and leave Calendar "on" but you cant exactly turn off Mail. Mainly because, the Calendar app heavily relies on Mail for appointment invites and notifications, particularly if you're dealing with creating appointments with attendees or resources.

    BTW, you aren't the first person to ask for something like this, so I would suggest creating an enhancement request in bugzilla if its really important to you.
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    Off the top of my head, you may be able to use google calendar? I seem to remember that it can sync both ways with a zimbra calendar, so it may offer a workaround solution?

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    It's already in bugzilla here:
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