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Thread: Problems installing Open Source ZCS 8.0.7 on an iMac

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    Default Problems installing Open Source ZCS 8.0.7 on an iMac

    Ok folks. I am a 65 year old male who is trying his very best to install the Open Source ZCS 8.0.7. on an iMac.

    Here is the log of what I have already accomplished for the past 3 days after trial and error. It is a clean log or what i have done to get at this stage. i have tried many things to get at the next stage but it seems that I am having problems.

    Can someone after reading the log, tell me what I should do.

    Big Thanks in advance.

    bash-3.2# cd /var/tmp
    bash-3.2# tar xzvf /users/Carlylelochan/downloads/zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911.tar
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-apache-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-core-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-ldap-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-logger-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-memcached-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-mta-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-proxy-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-snmp-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-spell-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/packages/zimbra-store-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64-20140408123911.x86_64.rpm
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/bin/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/bin/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/bin/zmdbintegrityreport
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/data/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/data/versions-init.sql
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/YPL.txt
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/zcl.txt
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/zimbra_public_eula_2.4.txt
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/oracle_jdk_eula.txt
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/admin.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Fedora Server Config.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Import_Wizard_Outlook.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Migration_Exch_Admin.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Migration_Exch_User.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/MigrationWizard_Domino.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/MigrationWizard.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/OSmultiserverinstall.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/quick_start.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/RNZCSO_2005Beta.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/User Instructions for ZCS Import Wizard.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Zimbra iCalendar Migration Guide.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Zimbra_Release_Note.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/Zimbra Schema.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/docs/en_US/zimbra_user_guide.pdf
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/modules/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/modules/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/modules/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/modules/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/util/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/readme_source_en_US.txt
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/readme_binary_en_US.txt
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/
    x zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/README.txt
    bash-3.2# cd zcs-8.0.7_GA_6021.RHEL6_64.20140408123911/
    bash-3.2# ./
    hostname: illegal option -- -
    usage: hostname [-fs] [name-of-host]
    hostname: illegal option -- i
    usage: hostname [-fs] [name-of-host]

    Operations logged to /tmp/install.log.89101
    Checking for existing installation...
    zimbra-ldap...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-logger...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-mta...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-snmp...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-store...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-apache...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-spell...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-convertd...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-memcached...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-proxy...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-archiving...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-cluster...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-core...NOT FOUND
    ./util/ line 757: rpm: command not found
    Error - zimbra user exists with incorrect home directory:

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    Mac is not a supported platform for the server product. Were you looking for ZDESKTOP instead?
    Quanah Gibson-Mount
    Server Architect
    Zimbra, Inc
    Zimbra :: the leader in open source messaging and collaboration

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    Quote Originally Posted by quanah View Post
    Mac is not a supported platform for the server product. Were you looking for ZDESKTOP instead?
    My understanding was that Mac was a supported platform. I guess that I stand to be corrected.

    I am running ZDesktop on a Mac. The problem that I have is that it appears that the Spam button does not work. It only works with ZCS. I know that the alternative is to manually enter and create filters which quite frankly is a pain in the butt! Is there is contingent software that I can add to Zimbra that all I have to do is click the spam button and it does the rest?


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