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Thread: RH3 libidn MISSING

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    Question RH3 libidn MISSING


    I am very impressed with this distribution and want to install it on my server but I can't get install to find libidn and it ends up stopping.

    I have installed libidn-0.5.6/ with the ./configure --with-java / make /make install.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I am not doing right?

    Also I am using the Fedora 3 Distribution for my RH Enterprise 3 correct?



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    Default Fixed

    I had to go to RPM Find and download and install the RPM version.

    Cheers...home the rest of the install works.

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    RH3 is not a supported platform. We reccomend you upgrade to RHEL4 or use Fedora Core 3.

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