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Thread: Prerequisite packages missing attempting to install on Ubuntu 12.04

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    Default Prerequisite packages missing attempting to install on Ubuntu 12.04

    I am seeing this:
    Checking for prerequisites...
    FOUND: netcat-openbsd-1.89-4ubuntu1
    FOUND: sudo-1.8.3p1-1ubuntu3.3
    FOUND: libidn11-1.23-2
    FOUND: libpcre3-8.12-4
    MISSING: libgmp3c2
    FOUND: libexpat1-2.0.1-7.2ubuntu1.1
    FOUND: libstdc++6-4.6.3-1ubuntu5
    MISSING: libperl5.14

    Checking for suggested prerequisites...
    FOUND: perl-5.14.2
    FOUND: sysstat
    FOUND: sqlite3


    One or more prerequisite packages are missing.
    Please install them before running this installer.

    Installation cancelled.

    In fact synaptic shows that both libgmp3c2 and libperl5.14 are present.

    Anyone come across this and know how to fix it?

    TIA, Chris

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    We came across the same error. It turns out the fix is to do a "apt-get install libperl-dev" to install the library first.


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