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Thread: Mutil Server install for multi-domain

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    Default Mutil Server install for multi-domain

    I have a multiserver installation an MTA and a mailstore I have 3 separate domains.
    How do I enable the virtual host for domain1 domain2 and domain3.
    Do I need to do anything for the proxy server or just one Mail store

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    There are a couple solutions for this. The simplest one is to set the zimbraVirtualHostname and zimbraVirtualIPAddress attributes on the domain. This doesn't require a proxy server and will allow you to browse to say mail.domain1.tld and have a user login with just username. This solution doesn't address SSL issues, unless you have a cert with multiple domain names in the alternative subject names.

    Another solution using reverse proxy and mulitple IP addresses is documented here Multi Domain SSL Certs - HOWTO - Zimbra :: Wiki

    The zimbra reverse proxy also supports terminating ssl connections at the proxy and serving domain specific SSL certificates by setting a combination of zimbraPublicServiceHostname, zimbraVirtualIPAddress and installing the domain certificate via the admin console.
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