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Thread: Can I separate 2 domain to store in different location folder?

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    Exclamation Can I separate 2 domain to store in different location folder?

    Hi All,

    Currently I was using ZCS on production, below are the details:
    Internal IP:
    Zimbra Domain:
    I wish to have a backup standby server with 2 domain and the details are show below:
    Internal IP:
    Zimbra Domain 1:
    Zimbra Domain 2:
    Can I separate each domain store location inside backup standby server instead of all data store under location /opt/zimbra ??
    Because I would like to run rsync on for rsync the whole /opt/zimbra to every weekend.
    But this action will replace the whole /opt/zimbra folder and the 2nd zimbra domain "" will gone after.

    Can you guys advise me what should I do to keep current setting on after rsync?
    Reason for me to build the backup standby server was in case server are down, I can swap the backup standby server
    ( to temporary replace production server (

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    if I understand you correctly, you have two email servers A and B. domainA is on A, and domainB is on B. You'd like to backup (from a filesystem perspective) files from A to B, and in the event of a failure, bring up domainA on B.

    I don't think you can do this from the filesystem level (just like the opposite wouldn't work).

    One possibility, however, is to create a "fake" domain called standbyDomainA on B, then use something like imapsync to synchronize all accounts from domainA to standbyDomainA regularly. This will then retain IMAP settings e.g. folders, tags etc.

    On failure on server A, rename (using Zimbra GUI or CLI) standbyDomainA to domainA, and change your MX records to point to the B server, now hosting domainA as well as domainB.
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