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Thread: Zimbra Apache Installation

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    Default Zimbra Apache Installation

    This question has been asked many times but I can't find much info about it after 2007. I have an existing CentOS server running LAMP with some websites already running. I have tried running citadel but I am not too happy with it. I would like to remove Citadel and install Zimbra on the apache box.

    There is a lot of information about how to configure Zimbra - Apache once they are installed but the warnings on the single server installation guide are pretty clear; Don't install Zimbra along side anything else, the Zimbra installation could damage other applications.

    Are there any installation instructions on how to install Zimbra on an existing Apache web server? If there are configuration guides on how to manage it once its installed I am guessing its possible.

    If not, any chance someone knows a good mail server app to run along side apache. It doesn't need all the Zimbra features, just IMAP, POP, SMTP and webmail. The other tricky part is the mail server must be able to handle subaddressing.

    Please oh great and magnificent spaghetti monster, let there be a way to install Zimbra on my server.

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    If you don't need a groupware server, take a look at Postfix, Dovecot, Roundcube, etc...

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    Just for the sake of knowing if I can do it: can we configure Zimbra to be on a different address and run apache for the rest of the web hits?

    i.e. I would like to keep my ZCS installation running (I love it!) but I'd like to bring back the web site management home...

    I'm looking at this wiki page:
    ZimbraApache - Zimbra :: Wiki
    but I saw a few comments that it might not work with the latest releases.

    In fact I tried it a few years ago and failed (but I'm certainly not an expert). I blamed it on me not being able to pull this config out of my hat...

    I have a top level domain that has "" configured to be the MX record and pointing to the IP of the Zimbra host. That works well.
    I have another address "" which right now points toward another IP address and another host is serving my web site. But that's what I want to change. I'd like the same IP address to serve both for Zimbra and my web site.

    Can it be done with the wiki page cited above? Dii I fail a few years ago because of lack of knowledge (which would not be surprising)?

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    I run Apache and Zimbra 7 both on a CentOS 5 box, they have been working in tandem just fine ever since I started them. The main thing your going to have to deal with are ports. We do not run any https websites on our Apache server. Zimbra is setup strictly for HTTPS and Apache runs with HTTP so don't conflict.

    To setup Zimbra with only https its very easy -

    su - zimbra
    zmtlsctl http
    zmcontrol stop
    zmcontrol start
    Setup a test machine with Zimbra and Apache, see how it goes.

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