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Thread: Detailed installation guide.

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    Default Detailed installation guide.

    Does anyone have an complete how-to for installing Zimbra OS on Ubuntu 10.04? I found several out there but not one is 100%
    I'm looking to replace my Exchange Server with Zimbra.

    I have it running one CentOS but it's not a recommended OS.

    Can someone PLEASE help me?
    Thank you,

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    Its an extremely easy process.

    I'd recommend you use Ubuntu Server 10.04 though, but upon install make sure nothing extra gets installed.

    Once its installed and setup with a static IP

    Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Set up dnsmasq

    Then download and untar the Ubuntu ZCS tar.gz file, then run the the as usual and you should be good to go.

    I'd post my self made guide I have but I'm at work at the moment.

    If your looking for a guide to guide you through exporting Exchange to Zimbra, good luck as that can be a pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bishop05 View Post
    I have it running one CentOS but it's not a recommended OS.
    CentOS is a binary compatible rebuild of RHEL and is perfectly capable of running zimbra.


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    while using RHEL Build of ZCS with CentOS use the code below to override platform check error. Start the installation and if you come across any error post in forum, somebody will definately help you. Be sure that you meet pre-requisites of installation.

    ./ --platform-override

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