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Thread: problem with amavisd after update to 4.03

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    Default linux vserver modifications after upgrading zimbra

    Hi all

    I'm running Zimbra 4.0.1 in a linux-vserver. After upgrading to 4.0.3, some settings I had made manually to make it run in a linux-vserver environment were lost. To make it work again, I had to perform steps documented below. I hope this helps anyone else with such a setup. My main server is running fc4 x86_64, the VServer is running fc4 i386.


    (my vserver ip is, my hostname is v-zimbra.milnet.lan)

    1) ensure that the first line in /etc/hosts is: localhost.localdomain localhost v-zimbra.milnet.lan v-zimbra

    2) check if database logins succeed. If they fail, it might help to

    su - zimbra
    mysql zimbra
    show grants;

    ...then re-enter some GRANT statements, like the ones you see, but replace
    TO 'zimbra'@'localhost'
    TO 'zimbra'@'v-zimbra.milnet.lan'

    3) replace occurences of by in amavisd.conf, dspam.conf and

    4) modify amavisd.conf and to include the line
    @mynetworks = qw( ) ;

    and uncomment and adapt the lines
    $notify_method = 'smtp:[]:10025';
    $forward_method = 'smtp:[]:10025'; # set to undef with milter!

    5) in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/master.conf replace by the server's IP and adapt the line
    -o mynetworks=

    6) modify the line in /opt/zimbra/amavisd/sbin/amavisd
    @inet_acl = qw( ); # allow SMTP access only from localhost
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    Would you kindly add this to the wiki??


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