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Thread: How to Set up DNS if i am in Office Network as a client

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    Default How to Set up DNS if i am in Office Network as a client

    i am in a Laboratory network and i want to test Zimbra 7.1 on Ubuntu 10.4LTS 64-bit OS with address of one PC in the network is IP:, subnet: gateway: and DNS is, can you instruct me how to set the DNS ( and then install ZCS 7.1, i am a layman (fresher) with basic knowledge of linux, intially trying to set a mail server in linux, Your guidance and help will we appreciated

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    This question has been answered many times in the forums and is covered in a wiki article, if you behind a NAT router then you'll need a Split DNS set-up.


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    I'm also setting up an Ubuntu 10.04 server with Zimbra 7.1.2 and while I'm doing this, I am documenting each and every little step....including the split-dns configuration.


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