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Thread: Domain rewrite and Mail Receive trouble

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    Default Domain rewrite and Mail Receive trouble

    Hi everybody,

    i need some help, i'm installing a zimbra 7 NE on 2 server 1 for the LDAP and 1 for the Store.
    I want to keep, my old server as primary.
    My domain is, i've even created an alias

    The old server ( should be a qmail ) have 2 smtp : 1 outgoing - 1 incoming .
    Now first of all, i've set as Secondary Zimbra, as indicated on Split Domain, and for smtp i've set the smtp-out.

    I'm able to send mail as, but i'd like to send it like, what should i change to make it happen?

    Second I can't receive the mail in users account, the user seems not reconized by the server,I've created the user in both. any idea about what to change to receive the mail?

    Thanks 4 the help

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    Read the Split Domain article for details.


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    I found how to masquerade the domain following this wiki :

    Managing Domains - Zimbra :: Wiki

    zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress zimbraMailCatchAllCanonicalAddress

    I'm still not able to send mail between the domain user, even if they are in my zimbra server, i can't see the GAL.

    And keep doesn't receive the mail.... even if i've set Zimbra as secondary following the suggested link of Split Domain.

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