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Thread: Zimbra Install Woes!

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    Default Zimbra Install Woes!

    Well I thought I would take a look at what Zimbra offers. I come from a MS Exchange background and have worked with the product since version 5.0. I think I can safely say at this juncture I will not be giving up my day job!

    Anyway on to my problem - I have now been trying to install Zimbra for over 2 days and being a non Linux person you can probably appreciate how frustrating this is. I have deployed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on HyperV, have all the networking setup and configured correctly, I can ping other hosts etc etc. I have all the hostnames set correctly. I have followed several step by step guides and everything works fine until I actually try to install Zimbra. When I kick off the install I get the following:

    Checking for prerequisites...


    One or more prerequisite packages are missing.
    Please install them before running this installer.

    I have installed all of those pre-requisites several times over. When I run the apt-get install it states that the module is already the latest version and installed. I have seen various potential fixes like using CHMOD 777 on the Zimbra directory but nothing works. I am stuck and this is driving me insane.
    I am running the 64bit version of Ubuntu and I'm trying to install the latest Zimbra package.

    Can anyone please assist or point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks


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    What is the exact name of the file you downloaded? Was this a minimal install or a 'normal' install?


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    Oh! - school boy error! on checking I think I must of picked up an older version of Zimbra meant for Ubuntu 6! I guess I must of zoned out last night. I am now downloading the correct version and will post back if this doesn't fix my issue.

    Many thanks Bill, appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!

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