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Thread: Skin issue after upgrade

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    Default Skin issue after upgrade

    I just completed the upgrade from 3.0.1 to 4.0.3, which I thought went smooth as silk. I was apprehensive to start, because thingswere working so smoothly, but I bit the bullet and went ahead. After the upgrade things appeared to be working well, as everything started up and I was able to receive mail. I thought I was home free until I tried to send mail. The window would open up, but nothing would load. I noticed in the logs that it was trying to find the sand.css file, even though sand wasnt my theme of choice. I looked in the webapps/zimbra/img/loRes/skins directory and the only things listed were:

    [zimbra@webmail skins]$ ls
    _demo steel

    I then ran a check to verify what the admin was showing:

    [zimbra@webmail skins]$ zmprov gacf | grep -i skin
    zimbraInstalledSkin: sand
    zimbraInstalledSkin: steel
    zimbraInstalledSkin: harvest
    zimbraInstalledSkin: sky
    zimbraInstalledSkin: lavender
    zimbraInstalledSkin: vanilla
    zimbraInstalledSkin: bare
    zimbraInstalledSkin: rose
    zimbraInstalledSkin: froggy

    Any idea why the themes would not have installed? The second part of the question is, how do I go about fixing this? I figure it is just a matter of copying them from the install, but wanted to make sure there wasnt more to it.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    ls /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/zimbraAdmin/skins

    zmprov gc default | grep Skin

    Try clearing all your cookies and logging back in.

    What's the skin in your account set to?
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    I cleared my cookies, to no avail.

    Here is the output:

    [zimbra@webmail logs]$ ls /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/zimbraAdmin/skins
    _base _demo _sample _unused bare froggy harvest lavender rose sand sky steel vanilla

    [zimbra@webmail logs]$ zmprov gc default | grep Skin
    zimbraAvailableSkin: bare
    zimbraAvailableSkin: froggy
    zimbraAvailableSkin: harvest
    zimbraAvailableSkin: lavender
    zimbraAvailableSkin: rose
    zimbraAvailableSkin: sky
    zimbraAvailableSkin: steel
    zimbraAvailableSkin: vanilla
    zimbraFeatureSkinChangeEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraPrefSkin: steel

    From the Tomcat access log:

    [24/Oct/2006:16:21:08 -0500] "GET /zimbra/img/loRes/skins/sand/sand.css?v=061016134301 HTTP/1.1" 404

    The last thing I checked was that the default skin for that user was steel.

    Thanks again.

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    Got it.

    Looks like it was a combination of cache and being in the admin at the same time, etc...

    Sorry for the trouble.

    Thanks again!

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