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Thread: Zimbra with Open LDAP on MAC OS X

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    It's not that obvious that you need to create the account on the server first. I'm afraid they have to be in Zimbra, when you create the accounts we need to provision them. You could dump the users from your opendirectory server and script a user creation in Zimbra, there's some info in the wiki - do a search for 'provisioning', that should get you what you need.


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    thanks very much for all your help.

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    Auto provisioning has been requested. Vote for bug 7235 if you'd like to see it.

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    Does anyone know the status of this? The "bug" seems to still be open. Might it be included in v5? Is the answer to just use OpenDirectory as Zimbra's LDAP service? I suppose the user still needs to have their mailbox store provisioned...

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    Default provisioning.

    (I realize this is an older thread, but I don't see a solution posted in this thread, so here goes!)

    You must "provision" your users in the Zimbra Admin interface. What this means is that yes, each user you wish to have authenticate via OpenDirectory must also exist in the Zimbra user list. This means creating a user on the Zimbra side of things with *no password.* All else falls into place when the accounts are provisioned.

    Quote Originally Posted by osNomad View Post
    interesting. i tried both the username and the email address as a username, neither worked. i assumed that the user account information would be pulled from the opendirectory server with no need to setup a user in zimbra. i just setup a test user with no password set in zimbra and it does successfully log in to the webmail client as that user using the opendirectory password.

    you can color me stupid.

    i guess my question now is... is there a way i can use the user accounts on the opendirectory server or do they HAVE to also be in zimbra.

    here are some of my log errors:
    Apr 5 10:15:51 opendirectory slapd[48]: <= bdb_substring_candidates: (givenName) index_param failed (18)\n
    Apr 5 10:15:51 opendirectory slapd[48]: <= bdb_substring_candidates: (mail) index_param failed (18)\n

    password service error log:

    Apr 5 2007 10:14:20 LauchTaskWithIO path = /usr/sbin/kdb5_util, arg1 = dump, arg2 = /var/db/krb5kdc/KerbDumpFilefcmWQ, status = 1
    Apr 5 2007 10:15:25 LauchTaskWithIO path = /usr/sbin/kdb5_util, arg1 = dump, arg2 = /var/db/krb5kdc/KerbDumpFilePcmeb, status = 1
    Apr 5 2007 10:16:31 LauchTaskWithIO path = /usr/sbin/kdb5_util, arg1 = dump, arg2 = /var/db/krb5kdc/KerbDumpFileVhooh, status = 1
    Apr 5 2007 10:17:31 LauchTaskWithIO path = /usr/sbin/kdb5_util, arg1 = dump, arg2 = /var/db/krb5kdc/KerbDumpFiledto8J, status = 1
    Apr 5 2007 10:18:36 LauchTaskWithIO path = /usr/sbin/kdb5_util, arg1 = dump, arg2 = /var/db/krb5kdc/KerbDumpFileP7DiT, status = 1

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