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    Default Need help!

    Last night I decided to install Open Office on my computer, but before that, there was another, similar program I looked into installing. Long story short, it was asking me a lot of questions, about trying this and that, and one was Zimbra and I guess I hit accept.

    So now I click on Internet Explorer, go to favorites, click on, then click on mail, and I get this screen that says Zimbra Collaboration Suite and that JavaScript must be enabled for me to use Zimbra advanced client. While I'm sure Zimbra is a solid product, I want everything to be the way it was before last night. I did try a System Restore and it didn't work, and yes, I can go through Google Chrome rather than Explorer and I don't have this issue, but I don't want to have to do that everytime. I have Windows 7 if that makes any difference. Looking for some help! Thanks!


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    Sorry, this has nothing to do with Zimbra. You will need to speak with ComCast support.

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