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Thread: Firewall ports and NAT

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    Default Firewall ports and NAT

    My server is behind a Linksys firewall. Which ports for I need to forward to the Zimbra server?

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    Default check this out

    you should allow external ports (left side in the list) for services you'd like exposed: Questions Before I Start

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    Default Zimbra behind firewall

    I am also having a firewall problem. I have done a one to one nat with an external address mapped to the internal address that Zimbra is on. In Iptables I have made two rules. These rules are as follows:
    iptables -A INPUT -s external ip address -p 25 -j ACCEPT The same for port 110.
    From an internal network address I can telnet to port 25 and 110. From an external address telneting to the mapped external address I get no response. I have looked at and was wondering if I should also make rules for the Zimbra mapped ports? Any other ideas, links, suggestions appreciated.

    Thank you

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    You should only need 25/110 etc but you might want to try our internal service ports just to see if that works. Might help you narrow the problem.

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