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Thread: planning for 15000 users in two locations?

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    Default planning for 15000 users in two locations?

    Dear all,

    just hope to get some advice on how to plan 15000 users who locates in two major cities?

    currently planning to have:

    location 1:
    1 server for major LDAP
    1 server for MTA + Mailbox(for users in location1), plus one external storage

    location 2:
    1 server for LDAP replica
    1 server for MTA + Mailbox(for users in location2), plus one external storage

    by the way, how about the disaster recovery? any advice on this?


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    there are a few threads in the success stories forum about large deployments that might have some useufl info for you like

    49,700 account deployment

    I thought one of the moderators Raj had a big thread about a like 90k mailbox deployment but i cant' seem to find it

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    Default of the way to do this is explained in my reply at the following link.
    Link is about the configuration management to handle the logical flow of email and system setup.
    Multi-country secondary servers

    You still need to read about scalability and other large deployment setting son wiki and in forum threads Performance Tuning Guidelines for Large Deployments - Zimbra :: Wiki

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