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Thread: Installer freezed while setting cron

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    Default Installer freezed while setting cron

    hi there,
    I bought Dreamhost VPS and tried to install the latest Zimbra 6 on it. The installer goes well until it said 'Setting cron job'. When it came here, it would freezed. If I use Ctrl-C to interrupt it, the Zimbra would not work and I can found all services are down in Administration Console. And also, the Administration Console worked incorrectly, if I select Servers->, it would give me a error
    Message: system failure: server
    zimbraRemoteManagementPrivateKeyPath (/opt/zimbra/.ssh/zimbra_identity) does not exist Error code: service.FAILURE Method: GetCertRequest Details:soap:Receiver
    What shall I do? thx

    This is the full text of the installation progress:
    *** CONFIGURATION COMPLETE - press 'a' to apply
    Select from menu, or press 'a' to apply config (? - help) a
    Save configuration data to a file? [Yes]
    Save config in file: [/opt/zimbra/config.22952]
    Saving config in /opt/zimbra/config.22952...done.
    The system will be modified - continue? [No] y
    Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.11192010-005733.log
    Setting local config values...done.
    Setting up CA...done.
    Deploying CA to /opt/zimbra/conf/ca ...done.
    Creating SSL certificate...done.
    Installing mailboxd SSL certificates...done.
    Initializing ldap...done.
    Setting replication password...done.
    Setting Postfix password...done.
    Setting amavis password...done.
    Setting nginx password...done.
    Creating server entry for
    Saving CA in ldap ...done.
    Saving SSL Certificate in ldap ...done.
    Setting spell check URL...done.
    Setting service ports on
    Adding to zimbraMailHostPool in default COS...done.
    Installing webclient skins...
    Finished installing webclient skins.
    Setting zimbraFeatureIMEnabled=FALSE...done.
    Setting zimbraFeatureTasksEnabled=TRUE...done.
    Setting zimbraFeatureBriefcasesEnabled=TRUE...done.
    Setting zimbraFeatureNotebookEnabled=TRUE...done.
    Setting MTA auth host...done.
    Setting TimeZone Preference...done.
    Initializing mta config...done.
    Setting services on
    Creating domain
    Setting default domain name...done.
    Creating domain exists.
    Creating admin account
    Creating root alias...done.
    Creating postmaster alias...done.
    Creating user
    Creating user
    Creating user
    Setting spam training accounts...done.
    Initializing store sql database...done.
    Setting zimbraSmtpHostname for
    Configuring SNMP...done.
    Checking for default IM conference room...not present.
    Initializing default IM conference room...done.
    Setting up syslog.conf...Failed

    You have the option of notifying Zimbra of your installation.
    This helps us to track the uptake of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
    The only information that will be transmitted is:
    The VERSION of zcs installed (6.0.9_GA_2686_DEBIAN5_64)
    The ADMIN EMAIL ADDRESS created (

    Notify Zimbra of your installation? [Yes]
    Notifying Zimbra of installation via Install Notification

    Notification complete

    Starting servers...done.
    Installing common zimlets...
    Finished installing common zimlets.
    Initializing Documents...done.
    Restarting mailboxd...done.
    Setting up zimbra crontab...
    [ps37575]$ tail zmsetup.11192010-022630.log
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 crontab: Adding zimbra-store specific crontab entries
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 checking isEnabled zimbra-logger
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 zimbra-logger is enabled
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 crontab: Adding zimbra-logger specific crontab entries
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 checking isEnabled zimbra-mta
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 zimbra-mta is enabled
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 crontab: Adding zimbra-mta specific crontab entries
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 crontab: adding backup block
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 crontab: Adding backup and custom entries to crontab.
    Fri Nov 19 02:44:44 2010 crontab: installing new crontab
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