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Thread: Installation problem

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    Default Installation problem

    Hi all,
    I did install zimbra on Red Hat 4.0 before, but it's not working properly. After uninstall, and then install back, I got this error.
    The system will be modified. Continue? [N] y
    Shutting down zimbra mail
    Removing existing packages
    Removing deployed webapp directories
    Installing packages
    zimbra-core-3.1.2_GA_445.RHEL4-20060530173237.i386.rpm installation failed
    Installation cancelled
    I'm very new to Linux . Please advise.

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    Why don't you do an uninstall with './ -u' then download the current GA version 4 of Zimbra and install that also make sure that your RHEL is up to date. If you have any problems with that post again.


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