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Thread: [SOLVED] gmp MISSING on Zimbra 6.0.8 / OpenSUSE 11.3

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    Default [SOLVED] gmp MISSING on Zimbra 6.0.8 / OpenSUSE 11.3


    I'm having trouble to install Zimbra 6.0.8 (zcs-6.0.8_GA_2661.SLES11_64.20100820045138) on OpenSUSE 11.3.

    I installed all dependencies except gmp, the OS gives a message that it has been instaled. Libgmp3 is already installed and updated.

    Someone had similar problem installing these two versions?

    I'm looking for some clues or places to look to solve this problem, because I have not had much luck so far.


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    Running Zimbra on openSUSE is not supported and there are no binary builds for it, you'd be better installing it on a supported platform. There are a few threads in the forum with details on how to get it working on openSUSE if you'd like to search for them.


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