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Thread: [SOLVED] problems with 7025 port

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    Default [SOLVED] problems with 7025 port

    I just installed zimbra and after some tests I checked that my outgoing emails are reaching the destination, but the incoming emails are not reaching the mail accounts, but in the Mail Queues I can see the Sender Domain, Sender and receiver address and the messages, But at the error panel it says:
    connect to "server.domain[x.x.x.x]":7025:connection timed out XX messages
    Can anyone explain me what I did wrong, what is missing?
    My server is behind a PfSense firewall, but I donīt think that this is the problem, there is an Nat rule allowing connections, iptables has some rules , but there is an rule accepting tcp:7025.
    Best regards.

    Additional to the message above, there also apears:
    delivery temporarily suspended: connect to "server.domain[x.x.x.x]":7025:connection timed out XX messages
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    Default Solved the problem

    I looked around and at Incoming Mail Problems - Zimbra :: Wiki I found the solution:
    My server is behind a pfSense firewall redirecting thru NAT.
    To solve the problem I un-checked "Enable DNS Lookups" on the MTA tab.

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    Better way:

    pfSense - Zimbra Server behind NAT

    1. Enable NAT for port 7025

    To lookup lmtp addresses natively instead of by DNS, simply modify the following localconfig values on all mta's:
     zmlocalconfig -e postfix_lmtp_host_lookup=native
    Once this is done, you'll need to restart the mta:
     zmmtactl restart

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