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Thread: Multiple Location Setup

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    Default Multiple Location Setup

    Now we are using Zimbra on a single server - and everything works great but in near future i have to setup a multilocation zimbra installation.


    Location A                                        Location B                              
    Mailstore for                       Mailstore for                     

    Location A and Location B are connected over VPN.
    The Users must be able to share Objects with write permission between Users from Location A & B.
    ( and should be internal users)
    It would be great to manage both Locations via one AdminConsole

    So my questions:
    Which Zimbra Servers do i need on every Location. I'f i need a Master Server it would be on Location A.

    I think that i need a LDAP Master Server on Location A and a Slave LDAP on Location B.
    MTA and Store on both Locations.
    But how can i manage that the mails are stored on the right location?

    Thanks for your anwsers!


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    The accounts would need to reside on either mailstore A or B. That is where all their email would be held.

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    you can specify which server users should be created on via cos, so make 2 identical cos, one for each office and just set the default mailbox server pool different for each.

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