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Thread: Attachments from Exchange 2007 server as winmail.dat

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    Default Attachments from Exchange 2007 server as winmail.dat

    We have a few domains on an exchange 2007 setup, and we have a few domains on Zimbra Community edition.

    When we send files from our Exchange 2007 as attachments to an email on our zimbra server the files are coming across as winmail.dat files.

    How do you resolve this as it is extremely annoying? The same email will be sent to a multitude of other servers and is received and read fine.

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    I could be wrong, but I think this has to be corrected at the sending client (I'm assuming Outlook) and/or server side. It typically stems from Outlook sending RTF messages, instead of plain text or HTML. At least that's been my experience.

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    I have looked and i have sent from iphone, sent from webmail all through exchange and the same result happens no matter what.

    I looked into the config of exchange it seems to be sending it fine, when I look at the raw headers in gmail.


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    Default You find a solution?

    Did you find a solution to this on the server side?

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