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Thread: [SOLVED] mail server setup in Exchange server 2003

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    Default [SOLVED] mail server setup in Exchange server 2003

    HI guys:
    I have nearly the same setup as defined in upper blogs.
    but I have windows 2003 server and exchange server 2003
    1: I took the live Ip
    2: create a primary zone with my
    3: create CNAME, and MX record entries likke

    MX: [10]

    I am sure that some configuration is missing...

    looking for your urgent help in this regard.



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    Welcome to the forums

    Please explain in detail your exact problem and which version of Zimbra you are using.

    (I moved your thread as you posted to one which was two years old!)

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    nice to hear from your side.

    Actually I am using windows plateform.
    and my scenerio is that I want to download mail in my exchange server from external ISP mail server which is in canada and we are accessing it in Saudi arabia.

    below is the complete discription.

    I am running windows 2003 server +exchange server 2003 in vmware with Bridge networking state.

    my mail server setup is given below :

    hosted mail server: [in Canada]

    I took live IP from the ISP[in Saudi arabia]:
    IP is :

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    This forum is dedicated to users of Zimbra... not Exchange (unless they are migrating from it ).

    If you are not using Zimbra you should find a forum dedicated to helping users of Exchange.

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