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Thread: can not upgrade zcs5.0.9 to 5.0.18 or even later version

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    Default can not upgrade zcs5.0.9 to 5.0.18 or even later version

    I had installed zcs 5.0.9 in FC7, used it no problem in one year,when I upgrade it to zcs 5.0.18 or even later version,the installatin process is also no problem,but when I reboot,it will warning:

    4gb seg fixup, process slapd (pid XXXX), cs:ip XX:XXXXXXXX

    in this time ,my FC7 use the GUN GRUB :Fedora (2.6.20-2925.9.fc7xen)

    in my FC7,it has two menu,so I chang it ,use the Fedora-base (2.6.21-1.3194.fc7)

    the error disappeared,but the new error warninig has appeared:

    BUG: warning at kernel/softirq.c:138/local_bh_enable() (not tainted)

    I found use zcs 5.09 for FC7 upgrade to 5.0.16 is no any problem,when upgrade to 5.0.18 or even later version,the error will appear,I try to only install zcs 6.0.15 in FC7,the same as.

    if anyboby use zcs 5.0.9 upgrade to zcs 6.0.X,pls tell me how to do, thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ambition View Post
    4gb seg fixup, process slapd (pid XXXX), cs:ip XX:XXXXXXXX
    I assume this is on a xen guest? If it is, this is a xen problem and there's an a) bug report on this problem, b) a thread in the forums on the subject and c) 32bit xen is not supported for recent versions of Zimbra only 64bit systems.


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