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Thread: upgrade 5.0.11 to 6.0.5 scheduled - any gotchas?

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    Default upgrade 5.0.11 to 6.0.5 scheduled - any gotchas?

    We are planning to upgrade our old zimbra NE install on ubuntu 8.04 to latest soon - anyone done the same upgrade path and hit any snags? better to do it in steps?
    Thanks for any tips!

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    Make sure you have good backups I would recommend going to 5.0.22 first and then to ZCS 6.

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    You can also peruse the Zimbra "Success Stories" forum section .. lot of people post their experiences in there (such as our own).

    The real answer to your question varies based on how much you do with Zimbra, how you have it setup, what services you're using (and not using), etc.

    Each time we do an upgrade, we document all of our own caveats...this is because we optimize different portions of Zimbra for our own use, and customize a few other areas. Backups are a must - especially when it's the simple things like "Oh this looks new..what did the old config look like?"

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