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Thread: Cancel current CRT Certificate request

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    Default Cancel current CRT Certificate request

    Hello, I am trying to re-key a godaddy certificate for our Zimbra box but the CRT created by the Zimbra GUI control is not accepted by godaddy. Apparently I have to recreate the certificate request using the command line with at least 2048 bits. The problem is when I try to request a new one Zimbra tells me there is already a current request pending. How do I cancel it?

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    Default Still no help...

    Hello, any help with this one? Thanks, J.

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    Default Working on new cert

    Can't help clear the flag, though I have seen reference to a few posts
    in forums on a directory to clear for some of these problems.. do a little
    more searching.

    After that, I believe we have to manually generate a new key and csr.
    I don't see an option in the zm tools to increase the key size.

    I will post the steps after I get though it all.

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    You should have been able to find this by searching the forums, markd seems to have figured out a method that worked for him which he outlined in: Manual certificate / installation for Godaddy 2048 requirement.
    You might also want to take a look at GoDaddy Certs in ZCS 6.0.1.

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