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Thread: DNS ERROR resolving

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    Red face DNS ERROR resolving

    New to Zimbra, have been trying to set up a mail server for SOHO,

    Clean install of Ubuntu 8.04, fresh download of ZIMBRA (Ver 6.0.0) for Ubuntu,
    Pentium 4, 32bit, 1gb ram, 250gb SATA HD,..

    2 Desktops, 1 Laptop, (Win XP/Vista) (Outlook 2007)

    Behind a ADSL modem router..

    I keep getting the DNS Error for resolving Host Name...

    I have read both the quick start and full manuals.. But ???,

    What exactly is ZImbra asking for and how do I resolve it...

    Is there a simple sticky or basic set of instructions so I can follow the bouncing ball..

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi, not sure if I can help but if you posted the result of the below it might help.
    cat /etc/hosts
    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    dig yourdomain mx
    dig yourdomain any
    host `hostname` <- note backticks and not single quotes

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    Default Split DNS

    There is a wiki, you can search for it, that will tell you how to setup Split DNS since you are behind a firewall.

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