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Thread: Success! Upgraded ZCS 5.0.18 Ubuntu LTS 6 x64 to Zimbra 6

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    Default Success! Upgraded ZCS 5.0.18 Ubuntu LTS 6 x64 to Zimbra 6

    Congrats to the Zimbra team. Just upgraded ZCS 5.0.18 Ubuntu LTS 6 x64 to Zimbra 6. No problems at all, went very smoothly and did not take that long either - 20 minutes.

    The service logger keeps on stopping and I have to manually restart it (stops again <24 hrs later). That's the only 'buggy' thing I've noticed so far.

    Will be doing multiple SLES10, RHEL4 , RHEL5, and Ubuntu LTS 8 servers next week. So will report on how that goes too

    Zimbra 6 is a great release!

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    Default Success: Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS amd64 ZCS Network 5.0.14 to 6.0

    Slightly different situation from above, mine was a 5.0.14 to 6.0 upgrade and also worked very well. Does 6.0 seem faster to anyone or is that just that new software feeling?

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    Similar experience with Ubuntu 8.04 64bit. I haven't not seen any issues with the logger service stopping like the OP mentioned with 8.04. I applied all OS patches via APT prior to my Zimbra upgrade and reboot and I've been up 1 day 4 hours with no issues or service failures.
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    No real issues here ... couple of cosmetic and low priority things which have been filed.

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