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Thread: Need Help Moving to a new Zimbra Server

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    Default Need Help Moving to a new Zimbra Server

    I am migrating from an older server running Zimbra 4.5.3 (32 bit) to a new server running 5.0.18 (64 bit Centos 5.3) I've created a newly named server with a new IP number and I have installed the latest Zimbra and authenticated it into a Windows 2003 DC.

    On the old server I have been backing up daily to an NFS share mounted on /opt/zimbra/backup. To move my users e-mail data over to the new server can I simply remount that NFS share on the new server and restore mailboxes (one at a time or all at once)?

    Will this work or is there a better way? I need to do this with minimum down time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tbarhorst View Post
    Will this work or is there a better way? I need to do this with minimum down time.
    You need to follow the instructions in this article: Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki I'd also suggest you search the forums for some more information on moving to a new server and upgrading from that version of Zimbra.


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