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Thread: zmapachectl is not running since i reboot my server

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    Default zmapachectl is not running since i reboot my server

    I've installed my Zimbra server and it was working well till i' reboot the hardware. All zimbra services are working except spell : zmapachectl is not running.
    I tried
    zmcontrol stop
    zmcontrol start
    zimbra@sirius:~$ zmcontrol start
    Host sirius.totom
    Starting logger...Done.
    Starting mailbox...Done.
    Starting antispam...Done.
    Starting antivirus...Done.
    Starting snmp...Done.
    Starting spell...Done.
    Starting mta...Done.
    Starting stats...Done.

    zimbra@sirius:~$ zmcontrol status
    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    ldap Running
    logger Running
    mailbox Running
    mta Running
    snmp Running
    spell Stopped
    zmapachectl is not running
    stats Running
    but no way.

    My Environnement :
    OS : Debian Etch (4.0)
    Zimbra MailPort : 8080
    Another Apache 2 on *:80
    Another Mysql Database;
    Zimbra : Release 5.0.16_GA_2921.DEBIAN4.0 DEBIAN4.0 FOSS edition
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    Shutdown Zimbra with "zmcontrol stop" then kill any remaining zimbra processes and restart Zimbra, post any errors messages you see in the log files. You might also want to search the forums as this problem and it's solution has been mentioned before.

    Please update your forum profile with the output of the foillowing command (do not post it in this thread):

    zmcontrol -v


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    > Another Apache 2 on *:80

    This should not be an issue as zimbra apache runs on 7780 port. Follow steps Phoenix has listed

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