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Thread: How to use Zimbra with an external mail provider?

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    Default How to use Zimbra with an external mail provider?


    At the moment we are using an external e-mail provider and Mozilla Thunderbird installed on every computer as mail client.
    We want to use Zimbra now, because it is gives us a great webbased mail/groupware client that also could be accessible from the internet by external employees.
    How can i configure Zimbra to use the external e-mail server?
    Zimbra should receive the mails from the external e-mail server, do spam-filtering and should use the external SMTP to send e-mails. Nothing more and nothing less. Is this possible with Zimbra?

    Thanks for help!

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    Yes, search the forums for fetchmail.

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    On sending through external smtp server front, set the config parameter zimbraSmtpHostname

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