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Thread: Zimbra Webmail in a Shared Environment

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    Default Zimbra Webmail in a Shared Environment

    Is there a way to install zimbra in a shared environment?

    I'm really only interested in the webmail portion, but I'm guessing it comes with everything else.

    Very newb question here. I know, but thanks for you anticipated meaningful responses in advance.

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    As you've already said, Zimbra is a complete package and the web UI is part of that and not possible to separate from the other components. What do you mean by a 'shared environment'?


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    In a shared hosting environment where you're given SSH access like what slicehost and webfaction offer?

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    In the case of slicehost yes -- "every Slice package gives you full root access, instant reboots, one of several Linux distributions and the ability to install whatever software you want." (Our Servers // Slicehost - VPS Hosting)

    But say it's a shared hosting place where you don't have sudo/root access -- most likely not.

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