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    Default Migration Advice

    Hi All,

    I am in the process of migrating from an off site ISP provided pop/imap server to an in-house Zimbra setup and would appreciate any advice or experience in setting this up. I am installing Zimbra on an FC4 box on my network. Right now, almost all of my 300+ users are using POP3 with MS Outlook as a client. Most of them have saved their passwords so they don't remember it. Issues I am looking for advice on are:

    1. Importing all the users into Zimbra so that they have to reset their passwords on first login in the web interface (since they dont know their passwords, I was going to set them to all be the same that way I dont have to individualize setup instructions)

    2. Whether or not to pull the switch on all accounts at the same time or to setup a split domain as per the wiki. (leaning towards all at once for ease and because not a ton of users)

    3. DNS issues. I am planning on having my ISP change my MX record to point to my IP instead of the old one, but leave the old one as a backup MX. Is this a good idea?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    1) good idea

    2) all at once will be simpler

    3) as long as the ISP can store/forward mail to zimbra this is a good idea. if not you end up with mail in 2 places. having a backup is important and all mail systems should have one.
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