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Thread: Not Receiving Emails on ZImbra Server

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    Red face Not Receiving Emails on ZImbra Server

    Hi ,

    I installed open zimbra on ubuntu 8.04 32 bit version .I can send emails from my server but I cannot receive emails .
    The error which i got is connction time out at port 7025

    My server is behind pix 506e firewall I have already open port 7025 on pix.
    Selinux not installed on my server firewall also not installed .If I disable dnslookup from mta tab then I can receive emails but cannot send emails.I am new to zimbra despirately need help .


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    Do you have a Split DNS set-up? If not, you need one and as you're on Ubuntu then read this article: Beginner's_Install_Guide#DNS


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