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    Default zimbra version

    My filesystem was corrupted after a power outage. I had the zimbra install on a seperate hard drive which is fine I can still see all the files. How can I tell what version I had so I can re-install?

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    Someone may come up with a better answer, but I'd try looking in the /opt/zimbra/logs directory. On my system in that directory I have zmsetup."date/time stamp".log, which was from my most recent upgrade. Looking at that file it shows that I upgraded froom 5.0.9 to 5.0.10. If you don't have a similar file look at the other log files for evidence of the version you were running. For example, in the mailbox.log file I see entries for users logging in with the web client and it shows the version I am running. HTH.

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    /opt/zimbra/.install_history is handy as well

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