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Thread: Attachment Error 413

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    It succeeded, that is just a warning to let us know we left that attribute out of the zimbraattrs.xml file, which we use for additional attribute value checking.

    I'll update that file to include that attr...

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    login as: root's password:
    Last login: Fri Mar 10 07:07:29 2006 from
    [root@x ~]# su zimbra
    [zimbra@x root]$ zmprov gcf zimbraFileUploadMaxSize
    zimbraFileUploadMaxSize: 10485760
    [zimbra@x root]$
    Ricky Vaughn

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    so you see that the max upload is 10mb, which is less than 11mb:

    zmprov gcf zimbraFileUploadMaxSize
    zimbraFileUploadMaxSize: 10485760
    and now so is 5mb:

    zmprov ms zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 5000000
    you can set both globally to 15mb, though if you have zimbraFileUploadMaxSize set for the server, it will override it:

    zmprov mcf zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 15000000
    zmprov mcf zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 15000000

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