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Thread: [SOLVED] auto-reply not working

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    Default [SOLVED] auto-reply not working


    we're evaluating ZCS Network Edition. At some point, possibly after upgrading from 5.04 to 5.06 auto-replies have stopped working (or I'm missing something very obvious).

    bentis@zmeval:~$ sudo zmprov ga ben.tisdall | grep -i office
    zimbraFeatureOutOfOfficeReplyEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate: 20080701000000Z
    zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeReply: I am actually here, just testing autoreply on Zimbra.
    zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeReplyEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeUntilDate: 20080704000000Z

    Any thoughts?
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    Ben Tisdall

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    I had one user unable to get auto-reply working. But after he stated it wasn't that important, I failed to pursue it. Guess I really should have.

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    The problem was we were trying OOR to ext recipients for the first time - it would never have have worked in the first place.


    User must set:

    Messages from me: When I receive a message originally sent by me => ignore message.
    Ben Tisdall

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