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Thread: [SOLVED] Disable antivirus and antispam

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    Question [SOLVED] Disable antivirus and antispam


    I've been installting a Zimbra server 5.0.6 but have an external antivirus / antispam solution.
    I want to disable antivirus antispam on the Zimbra server.

    Google tells me that I should be able to find it in the "Global Settings" but I cant find it anywhere. I suspect the info about the subject is targeted the old 4.x releases.

    Does anyone know how to disable it?


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    How about Servers/yourserver/Services?


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    Lightbulb Solved

    Thanks that did the trick.

    In the administration webinterface under "Servers".
    Click on your server and next click the tab called "Services" for that particular server.
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