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Thread: How much memory does ZCS really take?

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    Default How much memory does ZCS really take?

    I am considering installing ZCS Open Source edition, but my Centos 5.1 x64 Xen virtual server may not be able to handle. Would someone report about how much actual running memory it takes with an initial install? Our org only has a few users....


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    My server has a smidge over 100 users. Mostly using pop3 to access accounts and about 20 use the web interface. At this very moment the servers using 2395MB of RAM (78%).

    Running top shows JAVA using 48%, mysql 7.6%, clamd 4.3%, and about 11 amavisd processes using 1.7 - 2.1% each.

    Hope that gives you some idea.

    Satisfy the official system requirements and you should be ok.

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    On a smaller scale, two users, I have a CentOS 5.1 X86 partition with 2GB allocated. ZCS never uses anymore than 1.1GB of RAM so I have plenty of growing space. Enjoy your new installation

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