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Thread: Suse 10 - Zimbra Install

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    Default Suse 10 - Zimbra Install

    Has anyone installed Zimbra on Suse 10 correctly? If so is it possible that u create a HOW-TO for me? I am having a bear of a time trying to get this installed, and I am having alot of problems with DNS. I am willing to pay a small fee to get this up and running. This wall that I am at is really tall but I have faith someone out there can help me climb this thing and get rolling.



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    suse 10 installation is the same as all of the other linux platforms:

    download appropriate packages.

    If you're having DNS problems, please post them here, or search google for DNS information.

    Have you read the installation documentation?

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    Default I can confirm that the installatin works on Suse 10

    No problems on a clean Suse 10 machine.

    Only thing the latest GA install did not address was the usage of the
    new syslog (syslog-ng).

    So please do a search for that on this forum.


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