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Thread: Zimbra Debian Stable Installation in /opt, Debian services installed through APT

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    Default Zimbra Debian Stable Installation in /opt, Debian services installed through APT

    I realize the subject might be a little strange but bear with me. After picking through the Debian packages and generating a list of all the files they install, I realized it's probably a waste of time to try and integrate Zimbra with Debian's versions of the same core applications like apache, mysql, posftix, etc, etc. So I'm leaving them in /opt and removing the MTA. I don't really like exim anyway...

    But I'm running low on computers and I don't want to dedicate an entire machine to Zimbra so I'm installing it on my desktop, which I use as a server for small things anyway. I also do some web app development work and like to have an apache and mysql installation on there to break.

    Since Zimbra puts everything in /opt, including shared libraries, would it be possible to keep apache and mysql installed through debian but use them outside of Zimbra, listening on a different port? I don't see why this wouldn't work as the Zimbra binaries appear to be completely sepperated from the Debian ones of the same name.


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    yes zimbra is self-contained with respect to apache and mysql.

    typically the zimbra tomcat (not actually apache) runs on port 80; you can either change that or run your standard apache on some other port

    the zimbra mysql runs on a non-standard port by default so you can use the traditional port for the stock mysql

    btw, how much ram is in there

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