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Thread: installation on CentOS 5

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    Default installation on CentOS 5

    In the forum (ZIMBRA FR) I was told that I can install ZIMBRA on a CentOS 5 with the package REHL.

    but when I start installing it I see this message after verification of the library and confirmation of the package to install:

    Checking for installable packages

    Found zimbra-core
    Found zimbra-ldap
    Found zimbra-logger
    Found zimbra-mta
    Found zimbra-snmp
    Found zimbra-store
    Found zimbra-apache
    Found zimbra-spell
    Found zimbra-proxy

    Select the packages to install

    Install zimbra-ldap [Y] y

    Install zimbra-logger [Y] y

    Install zimbra-mta [Y] y

    Install zimbra-snmp [Y] y

    Install zimbra-store [Y] y

    Install zimbra-apache [Y] y

    Install zimbra-spell [Y] y

    Install zimbra-proxy [N] y
    Checking required space for zimbra-core
    checking space for zimbra-store


    You appear to be installing packages on a platform different
    than the platform for which they were built.

    This platform is CentOS5_64
    Packages found: RHEL5_64
    This may or may not work.

    Installation can not continue without manual override.
    You can override this safety check with ./ --platform-override

    WARNING: Bypassing this check may result in an install or
    upgrade that is NOT usable.
    ???? plese help

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    as described do a ./ --platform-override

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