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Thread: starting mta failed

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    Post starting mta failed

    I just finished my first zimbra installation and the mta cannot start.
    Please I need clues on the problem. Output of zmcontrol start is given below.
    [zimbra@mypc ~]$ zmcontrol start
    Host mypc.macsonia.local.
    Starting ldap...Done.
    Starting logger...Done.
    Starting mailbox...Done.
    Starting imapproxy...Done.
    Starting antispam...Done.
    Starting antivirus...Done.
    Starting snmp...Done.
    Starting spell...Done.
    Starting mta...FAILED
    postmap: warning: valid_hostname: misplaced delimiter: mypc.macsonia.local.
    postmap: fatal: file /opt/zimbra/postfix- parameter myhostname: bad parameter value: mypc.macsonia.local.
    postalias: warning: valid_hostname: misplaced delimiter: mypc.macsonia.local.
    postalias: fatal: file /opt/zimbra/postfix- parameter myhostname: bad parameter value: mypc.macsonia.local.
    postfix failed to start

    Starting stats...Done.

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    Did you ever set-up a Split DNS as you were told in another thread? Have you got valid DNS A & MX records for your server? Is your hosts file correct? What errors are in the log files?


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