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Thread: [SOLVED] LDAP Error

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    Dear uxbod,

    *** I tried a clean install by ./ -u & delete /opt/zimbra directory
    However the result is the same when I try to zmcontrol stop :

    zimbra@mail:~/bin> zmcontrol stop
    Stopping stats...Done
    Stopping mta...Done
    Stopping spell...Done
    Stopping snmp...Done
    Stopping archiving...Done
    Stopping antivirus...Done
    Stopping antispam...Done
    Stopping imapproxy...Done
    Stopping logger...Done
    Stopping ldap...FAILED
    ldap_url and ldap_master_url cannot be the same on an ldap replica

    *** Before & after zmcontrol stop, running ldapsearch produce :

    zimbra@mail:~/bin> ldapsearch
    ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)

    *** I am wondering, if there is a problem whit zimbra LDAP on my machine. Pls, provide pointer on how to check LDAP function.
    Instruction on manual installing zimbra LDAP might also be helpful.


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    Dear uxbod,

    I have found the source of the problem.
    As I was installing using root, the /opt/zimbra permission was somehow set to root.
    After resetting it to zimbra and uninstall zimbra & reinstall, I was able to get it up & running.
    I will give it a run first & very excited.

    Thanks for the help is setting the DNS
    Best Regards,


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    Fantastic news Hope you enjoy Zimbra as much as we all do. If all okay, would you be so kind as to edit the thread and mark SOLVED please.

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