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Thread: Upgrading from 4.5 to latest NE

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    Question Upgrading from 4.5 to latest NE

    I'm desperately^Wsearching for a How-to-upgrade, but so far i'm unable to find one. It seems to me that all i have to do is download the source (RHEL5) package, untar and run the script, which in turn will prompt me if i want to upgrade. But a guide would be handy so i can do things The Right Way.

    Am i correct in my assumptions so far?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Upgrading is quite simple :
    . step 1, do a full backup
    . step 2, download the correct package (depending on your OS)
    . step 3, untar the package
    . step 4, launch ./ and agree to upgrade
    . step 5, look at Zimbra upgrading
    . step 6, once upgraded, do a full backup (because your previous backup is not usable by the upgraded Zimbra)

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    Hi Klug,

    Thanks for the welcome and the mini howto

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