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Thread: Zimbra and Apache

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    Default Zimbra and Apache

    I just did a test install of Zimbra on Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.1 LTS. It's very cool.

    Is it possible to run Zimbra and Apache on the same server? I would need access to MySQL and PHP.

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    Welcome to the forums,
    Zimbra with Apache using mod jk - mod proxy - mod proxy ajp - Zimbra :: Wiki
    ZimbraApache - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Using Tomcat with Apache (mod jk) - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Hosting other sites with Zimbra - Zimbra :: Wiki
    I assume your not planning on using zimbra's mysql but another mysql instance on another port.
    Virtual hosts are much easier though...Xen & VMware are popular choices.

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    Unhappy Cacti?

    I've got Zimbra working. I've also got Apache working on the same system. I've run into a problem with Cacti.
    1. Installed Ubuntu 6.06.1 LAMP
    2. Installed Cacti
    3. Was able to access Cacti
    4. Installed Zimbra
    5. I am able to get email with Zimbra
    6. The Zimbra web interface is configured for https only
    7. I can't access Cacti

    When I try to access Cacti I get a blank page. Why was I able to access Cacti before installing Zimbra?

    I hope there is a fix for this.

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    Unhappy cacti is installed

    I got cacti installed. I had to grab the tgz file from the website. I'm still have some trouble with MySQL. I have to use the --socket=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock option.

    My new problem is that poller.php doesn't work. If I run it by hand I get nothing. is Zimbra conflicting with other parts of the system?

    Zimbra is the only thing I can think of that could be causing any problems. I'm going to try installing cacti on another system with out Zimbra. Will see what happens.

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