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Thread: [SOLVED] users are unable to send any mail

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    Default [SOLVED] users are unable to send any mail

    Hello everybody,

    Even if I've more then 10 years of practice in Linux servers, including postfix, I'm very very new in Zimbra ... less then one week ! The config is very unusual for me so sorry if I've stupid questions.

    I've installed, without any problem, a Zimbra (zcs-5.0.0_RC2_1745.DEBIAN4.0.20071120152822) on a fresh Debian's Etch.

    All seem to work fine except that all users I've created are unable to send any mail neither on the localhost nor to an external one. Admin can for both directions !

    The error message is :

    Could not send message: mail.SEND_FAILURE msg: SMTP server reported: null
    code: mail.SEND_FAILURE
    method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
    detail: soap:Sender
    data: [object Object]

    What did I miss ?

    Best regards and Merry Xmas !


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    can you do a:
    su - zimbra
    tail -f /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log

    then, replicate the error. Then, copy and paste the output.

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    Thank for your help,

    Hopefully, the problem is solved after a reboot of the server. Meanwhile, I've any idea of what happened.

    Thank again.


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    Exact same error happened on 5.0.10 GA, the hard disk was almost full at the time. After freeing space and rebooting the server, all was fine.

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