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Thread: Install zimbra elsewhere than /opt

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    Default Install zimbra elsewhere than /opt

    Is it possible to install zimbra elsewhere than /opt ?

    Most Linux distro do not reserve much partition space for /opt while /var or /var/lib/ would be a good candidate for install.

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    Currently there's no option to change the install location. There is an outstanding RFE in bugzilla to allow the user to specify the location (to conform to their o/s or preferred location) but that has exactly zero votes on it. Feel free to vote on that bug report.


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    /opt is the traditional space for third party installs, although I believe /srv is the 'correct' place according to lsb?

    /var is for data, not installs. you can always install it elsewhere through symlinks, I think in the past I've done that without problems. and through the admin interface you can relocate the mailstores to wherever you want. there's been some call in the past for the stores to be in /var by default, as zimbra occasionally has the habit of rm -rfing /opt/zimbra without warning.

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